Hi, I'm Shelby.

I am an award winning photographer from New England. I've lived in this region my entire life, and never once have I been bored with staring at the sky.

I picked up my first camera at age 5, and I'm consistently grateful that the blurry, grainy remnants of those days still exist deep in my grandmother's closets. Even then I had a love for sun flares, deep colors and moving subjects. Poses have never been my thing.

I started Burby & Co. in 2015 under the name "Picture Perfect Studios" where I was a writer for the offroad magazine "Soure Off-Road". When publication of Source ceased, I found myself continuing on solo with a deep love of photographing people and places I'd never seen before.

In 2016 when I booked my first live music I found a new, deeper love of photography. Live music was tougher than my previous works and forced me to learn my camera better. Surprisingly enough, this new knowledge lead me to wedding photography. I rounded out my love for photography and really hit the ball home when I started weddings and families.

When I married Derek in 2020 I decided to move forward with new look and a new name. Thus, Burby & Co. was born.

Hi, I'm Derek.

I am a drummer in the band Heathens, and a secondary photographer for weddings and event's with SMWphoto. I have been assisting with events for over two years, and have been learning a lot. I grew up in New England, and love being outdoors with my pup and my wife - Shelby.

Shelby started bringing me along to assist her with weddings a little over two years ago, and it didn't take me long to realize how much I enjoyed being behind the lens. I love to capture detail shots, and really focus on little moments most people don't see.

I don't always interact with our client's too much (my partner tends to do most of the talking), but I enjoy the people we get to meet and places we get to go.